Sapphire Eye-El gato sagrado de Birmania Sapphire Eye- The Sacred of Burma


Micky y LiliHello, my name is Beatriz. Our adventure in the world of the Sacred Cat of Burma started by chance with the arrival of our first seal point pet, Micky, an adorable friend that we will never forget and Lili, our loving Persian cat.

Our passion for the Birmans, their personality and beauty, led us to embark on the fascinating venture of breeding them. Today we have the immense pleasure of sharing our lives with our Birmans and their adorable kittens that we want to introduce you in these pages. With the affix #2201 Shappyre Eye *Is officially recognized and registered in ASFE (FIFE), we hope to offer you a selected top-quality line of the Sacred Cat of Burma.

Currently we count with a male, Smoky, and four females, Sharona, Reira, Rade and Abby. However, we are planning to expand our family soon.

Sapphire Eye

Our cats enjoy the love and company of our entire family inside our home, as well as spacious and comfortable outdoor facilities, where they peacefully enjoy the open air without dangers.

All our Birmans are constantly under the supervision of our veterinary.



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